Spring is here already. The grass is green, the sun glows warm, and we are all – faculty and students – waiting for finals to be over. As these beautiful days melt into cold nights in front of textbooks and laptops, I find it inescapable to question why burying myselfContinue Reading

Wrestling with incongruous ideas is a part of the liberal arts tradition and one of my favorite parts of college. Extraordinary learning comes from dialogue – evaluating competing claims and argumentations. History is rife with vivid intellectual disagreements, and these disagreements demonstrate engaging with dissenting opinions can be more fruitfulContinue Reading

This week, let’s focus on a topic that cannot seem to leave the headlines: inequality. Introduced into the popular lexicon by the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, inequality represents the expanding chasm between the haves and havenots. And it is a chasm. In 2010, the wealthiest 1 percent ofContinue Reading

The most important news in higher education this week comes out of rural Virginia. Sweet Briar College, a historic women’s college, announced it would close over the summer. Liberal arts colleges across the country are stunned. I have no personal connection to Sweet Briar, but I feel compelled to reviewContinue Reading

December is here already. Our weather is Minnesota Mean, our campus exudes Christmas spirit, and our students prepare for break. Of course, a fog hangs over campus: finals. Researchers have linked finals to amplifying stress, feelings of depression, even asthma. In the next few days, finals will strain students’ physicalContinue Reading