The purpose of this column has been to question the role of Concordia – and higher education more broadly – in the 21st Century. I’ve raised questions regarding Concordia’s place in the community, the discrepancies between majors, and financial aid. This week, we will extend the last theme to aContinue Reading

Dedicated to Jon Lipp – North Dakota State University – Business Administration Class of ‘16 I applaud Concordian Editor-in-Chief Sean Plemmons for his October 9 editorial, “College is Easy.” I want to continue the conversation that not all college majors are created equal. With that in mind, I have aContinue Reading

Concordia’s corporate inversion tactics A trending news topic of the past few weeks has been corporate inversions, or the act of changing a corporation’s tax base to pay fewer taxes. Journalists and politicians have asked whether we should expect corporations to remain centered in the United States and face higherContinue Reading

Concordia College held its 2014 Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium last week, titled “Sustainability: Local Action | Global Impact.” (Disclaimer: I presented an OK concurrent session during this symposium). This marked my second symposium, and the second time I have felt the symposium to be a bit esoteric forContinue Reading