“And this cat is dead and it’s frozen and its claws are in the carpet. It’s like a cat popsicle. You could hold it by its tail and lick it if you wanted to,” says Zach Johnson, the winner of the January edition of The Tell for his telling ofContinue Reading

Terrifying numbers of shootings in recent months have spurred talks about gun control in relation to mental illness. Many politicians are pointing to mental illness as a leading cause of gun violence. While it’s true that more energy and resources need to be put into our broken mental health system,Continue Reading

Bahrain – The Forgotten Revolution In late 2010 we witnessed the beginning of a series of events that would radically alter the political and social landscapes of the Middle East and Northern Africa. These events, which later became known as the “Arab Spring”, began with an unprecedented wave of pro-democracyContinue Reading

“Federer Has Won a Lot but He’s Winless Against Me” People describe the Australian Open as the tournament with a lot of drama, hot weather and other extraordinary reasons that make it sound unique compared to any other professional tennis tournaments. This tournament is not unique in any way besidesContinue Reading

When someone mentions Jennifer Lawrence, a fiery mocking jay and a girl who knows how to shoot a bow and arrow comes to mind. When someone mentions Bradley Cooper a hot middle-school teacher who spends his weekends in Vegas losing his best friend might be what appears. Wel,l put allContinue Reading

Women have not been allowed to fight in front-line units since 1994, but have been attached to all-male combat troops as photographers, medics, military police officers, etc. While they were fired upon at times, they would not intentionally head into combat. The Pentagon’s recent decision to allow women into front-lineContinue Reading

In a humble brick building, at 69 N 4th Street, lies the Green Market Kitchen. Right in the middle of downtown Fargo, this small restaurant offers an escape from the humdrum and gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary experience. The owners, Andrea Baumgardner, Steve Heiland, andContinue Reading

If the title Death by Robot appeals to you, you may rest assured that Feed Me’s new EP will be to your liking as well. The new release from London-based electro house artist and producer Jon Gooch is short and sweet—a collection of only three songs, clocking in at justContinue Reading