Music and Community: An Opportunity for Activism

The music community has always offered a unique setting for artists and listeners alike to find their own type of niche. Different music scenes throughout the world embody listeners of […]


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    The energy in a rock concert is something that simply cannot be explained. It’s when you’re sitting in the nosebleeds, but you still feel like you’re in the front row. […]

  • Everett’s Barbershop

    This review is mostly for the male members of the Concordia community, although it does provide a short history lesson on barbershops based on research done by The Art of […]

  • Show and Tell

    “It could’ve been worse, I could’ve stood up there and gotten an erection,” says a middle age man wearing a casual button-down and jeans. He stands on the stage at […]

  • Until the Quiet Comes

    Until the Quiet Comes

    We live in a time where experimenting with different sounds is strongly encouraged. Where pushing a genre’s limits is becoming the norm. Where combining two or even three genres is […]

  • An Orchestral Dilemma

    An Orchestral Dilemma

    The Fargo-Moorhead (FM) Symphony played at the NDSU Festival Concert Hall last Saturday and Sunday (September 29 & 30). The program was one of five in the Symphony’s Master Concert […]

  • Babel


    “As young musicians get older and more successful, many lose the ability to understand and convey what’s it’s like to want something without having had it. If you’re looking for […]

  • >album title goes here

    >album title goes here<

    Joel Zimmermann, better known as deadmau5 is indisputably one of the biggest names in electronic music today. His signature mau5heads (essentially giant Mickey Mouse-inspired helmets customized with colorful paint jobs, […]

  • Battle Born

    Battle Born

    “I come from the core of the flag that bears the name ‘Battle Born,’” frontman Brandon Flowers sings of the Nevada state flag on the opener to the Killers’ first […]

  • Something Radical for the Fall

    Something Radical for the Fall

    As you settle into your homework routine this fall season, crack your window so everything smells like a mixture of leaves and freshly mulched grass, watch the leaves trickle down […]