Election day, Nov. 6, is fast approaching. LEAFLY.

So, what’s up with midterms?

The midterms are fast approaching. On Nov. 6 the nation will decide if the republican majority is here to stay for the rest of the Trump’s term, or if a […]


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  • Who owns your vote?

    Who owns your vote?

    It’s unusual that economic works garner national attention in the United States, especially to the degree that they sell out on Amazon. French economist Thomas Piketty has done just that […]

  • The trouble with startups

    The trouble with startups

    HBO’s new show “Silicon Valley”  spoonfeeds viewers pretty much every stereotype about the Innovators and Risk Takers of Palo Alto. Within its first two episodes, we see huge amounts of […]

  • Viewers as voters

    Viewers as voters

    In early 2012, Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown made an unusual truce. The two Senatorial candidates acknowledged that television advertisement spending had ballooned, and they decided to curb excessive television […]

  • Illegitimate action

    Illegitimate action

    Russia decided to annex Crimea this week. Before that, Crimea was a part of the Ukraine, and had been since 1991, as it became independent as the Soviet Union collapsed. […]

  • The uninformed middleground

    The uninformed middleground

    The American political climate appears to be divided. The 113th Congress is the least productive one in history, as the extreme right of the Tea Party shuts down any legislation […]

  • Strategic sexism

    Strategic sexism

    The Republican Party has gotten flak lately for their sexist commentary regarding female democratic politicians. From Hillary Clinton to Wendy Davis, hardline Republicans have been commenting on everything from policy […]

  • The Vox of the people

    The Vox of the people

    In large measure, people don’t like reading real, deeply important news. It’s difficult, it takes time away from other more easily enjoyable activities, and it often makes people feel stupid. […]

  • The missing voters of midterm elections

    The missing voters of midterm elections

    Democrats ought to be concerned. It’s midterm elections this year, and at this point in time, it’s not looking so good for them. The Democrats champion themselves as the party […]

  • On the matter of giraffe slaughter

    On the matter of giraffe slaughter

    I write today with the heaviest of hearts.  I write to beg forgiveness on behalf of the entire Kingdom of Denmark, from her majesty Queen Margrethe II to the youngest […]