An Attack on Personhood

An Attack on Personhood

North Dakota is now home to the most strict abortion restrictions in the nation after Governor Dalrymple recently signed three bills aimed at eliminating abortions within the state. This direct […]


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  • Rape Culture

    Rape Culture

    The United States is still a country that protects rapists and sexual abusers. America has made great strides in the last 50 years toward true gender equality, but we’re still […]

  • Scalia’s Delusion

    Scalia’s Delusion

    It’s no secret that certain groups of voters have been disenfranchised in the past. African American voters in the South routinely faced egregious obstacles to voting, including poll taxes, difficult […]

  • A New Era for Venezuela?

    A New Era for Venezuela?

    The recent death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez marks the end of an era. His 14 year presidency leaves behind a legacy of championing improvement of the lives of millions […]

  • Illusion of a Threat

    Illusion of a Threat

    The common portrayal by the US and Israeli governments of Iran being a grave threat to peace in the Middle East is rather ironic. For about the past decade and […]

  • Zapatista’s Modern Revolution

    Zapatista’s Modern Revolution

    In the context of modern social revolutions the Zapatista movement, or EZLN, of Mexico has stood out. The Zapatistas practice a unique blend of libertarianism and socialism, with a large […]

  • Racism in Israel

    Racism in Israel

    The recent violent reactions by some fans of the Israeli soccer team Beitar Jerusalem to the first-ever signing of two Muslim players has brought attention to the issue of racism […]

  • Dead Standardized Scores Society

    Dead Standardized Scores Society

    The importance of a good K-12 education cannot be overstated. The United States tests horribly as compared with the rest of the developed world, leading to American children being ill […]

  • Fighting or Fostering Terrorism?

    The nature of warfare in the 21st century is changing. Rapidly advancing technology has provided militaries with a significant level of funding, particularly that of the United States, with access […]

  • Blaming the Victim

    Blaming the Victim

    Terrifying numbers of shootings in recent months have spurred talks about gun control in relation to mental illness. Many politicians are pointing to mental illness as a leading cause of […]