Andrew Wiens, a senior, and Brie Petrich, a 2010 alumna, have been described as “The Parents,” “The Grandparents,” and “The Old Couple” by their friends and those the couple have hosted. Wiens and Petrich act older than they are: taking care of those who do not outwardly ask for help,Continue Reading

Room 541 in Brown Hall is not your typical quad-style Concordia dorm room. Traditionally, each quad in Brown is equipped with a desk, chair, bed and wardrobe for each of the four residents. But the residents of room 541 added something extra to that list: a ball pit. Roommates AnthonyContinue Reading

Bruce Vieweg, who came to Concordia in April of 2007 as Chief Information Officer and Associate Provost, now has another job to add to his long title: Interim Dean of Students. Vieweg, one of six children, grew up in Massachusetts and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in musicContinue Reading

Tomorrow morning, Sarah Kjorlien will bundle up to face the frigid temperatures in Moorhead and run three miles. Halfway around the world in the much warmer Czech Republic, her sister is also running three miles. Coincidence? Not so much. This routine has been going on for almost eight months. TwoContinue Reading

When blizzards and breaks hit Concordia at the same time, safety is the top concern. Twice this year large storms hit Fargo-Moorhead as students and some faculty prepared to take to the roads—while leaving for Thanksgiving and returning for spring semester. The decision to cancel classes is a multi-step processContinue Reading

Textbook buying is a task every student has to tackle, and one many have managed to maneuver for the benefit of their bank accounts. Some book-buying strategies are more cost effective than others, and students try to find best deals they can, including here on campus. There are a varietyContinue Reading

Dress fittings, flowers, invitations and guest lists are among the many details involved in planning weddings today. Cobbers have been marrying Cobbers for many years, but each journey to saying “I do” is unique. Some couples wait to marry until after graduation, some marry during the summer and some marryContinue Reading

Upperclassmen: drop that caramel roll and take note. Worry about weight gain does not end with the Freshman 15, according to a new study conducted by Indiana University, Bloomington. The study included 1,672 students at Indiana University and found that freshmen spend four more hours exercising per week than seniors.Continue Reading

Kate Gantz felt inspired to help the homeless when a stranger gave her $100. Gantz attended a retreat for Catholic confirmation as a high school sophomore. Every year, the speaker for the event selects one person to receive $100. The person can do whatever he or she wants with theContinue Reading

The Concordia Education Club had an apple party earlier this year, and it was one reason senior Molly Kupper was selected to attend a national education conference. Kupper was one of four Minnesota students chosen to attend the Connections Conference, a national education conference in Orlando, Fla., from Oct. 4Continue Reading