Environment and basic human rights

Environment and basic human rights

Always intersecting An aspect of environmental sustainability that people often overlook is the link between environmental sustainability and issues relating to basic human rights. A general set of basic human […]


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  • Op-Ed: Cobbers and entitlement

    Op-Ed: Cobbers and entitlement

    In the wake of the annual Cobber Ring Rollout, in which Concordia students celebrate spending money on jewelry, I have had several encounters where people told me they purchased their […]

  • OP-Ed: On the value of a ring

    OP-Ed: On the value of a ring

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you got a Cobber ring. I promise, I’m not. “Why don’t you have a Cobber ring?” It’s not a question I […]

  • Brent Johnson, assistant director of campus life for student engagement, decorates a mug for the Empty Mug campaign. Photo by Reilly Myklebust.

    Homelessness comes to campus

    Concordia will host a new awareness week Students can share a meal that highlights the discrepancy between different financial situations, hear from community members working closely with the issue of […]

  • Orchestra conductor Foster Beyers directs one of their Halloween pieces. Photo by Reilly Myklebust.

    Concordia Orchestra plays with the spirit of Halloween

    Halloween. The word conjures up masked figures and haunted houses, jack-o’-lanterns and witches flying on broomsticks. Now picture a vampire playing violin, a goblin playing cello, a ghost playing double […]

  • President Craft surfs his Twitter account to see what Cobbers are up to. Photo by Emma Garton

    President Craft joins Twitter

      @PresidentCraft may not have Twitter’s blue checkmark, but it is the real deal. President William Craft has been taking the Twittersphere by storm for the past couple of weeks. […]

  • The new bike shelter marks the home for the COBBike share program. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    COBBikes have a home

    Flat tire? No problem. Loose bolt? Easy fix. A bike shelter for COBBikes with a fix-it station for everybody’s use was installed outside of Knutson Campus Center this summer. The […]

  • Collins delves into the books of her new major, heritage and museum studies. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    ‘It fits perfectly into what I want to do’

    New majors and minors added to the course catalog This year, Concordia has added one new major, one new minor and two new concentrations to the mix. The new major […]

  • Going green is a global concern

    Going green is a global concern

    Hi, I’m Erica and I’m an environmentalist. I like to be outside, I eat (for the most part) a vegetarian diet, I believe all living things on Earth have intrinsic […]

  • New season, new coach

    New season, new coach

    Bucky Burgau passed his title to Cobber alumni Chris Coste Over the past year, Concordia’s baseball team has made a minor change in the coaching staff. Their longtime head coach, […]