At the end of each academic year, Concordia hosts the Celebration of Student Scholarship (COSS), an opportunity for students to present their undergraduate research in the form of posters, presentations, performances, and exhibits. This year, with the move to online learning, COSS has also become a virtual event. COSS receivedContinue Reading

With the coronavirus pandemic causing colleges and schools to close, students of all ages are taking classes online, and it has impacted learning for all students. Students majoring in education have been affected not only as students, but teachers as well. Throughout college, education majors participate in multiple field experiencesContinue Reading

For nearly three years, Cody McKesson, a junior at Concordia, has experienced little change in his education at Concordia College. Yet, each fall, McKesson is frustrated after receiving an email bearing bad news: Concordia is boosting its tuition.  “My experience seems to stay the same,” McKesson said. “So, to me,Continue Reading

The following was sent to Concordia students on Monday, March 30, 2020, regarding partial refunds for housing and dining plans.  Given the March 25th announcement from President Craft, Concordia will be processing campus housing and meal plan credits to student accounts by April 3, 2020. We have calculated the credit amount byContinue Reading