Since its beginnings last year, The Office of Diversity has been dedicated to increasing and supporting the diversities of Concordia College. “Diversity is a priority for this college,” said Edward Antonio, Chief Diversity Officer. so he and his office continuously strive to support the college’s commitment to accepting all people.Continue Reading

Concordia recently welcomed Angela “Bay” Buchanan to its campus, a conservative political commentator who served as former Treasurer of the United States between 1981-1983. After her career in Washington, Buchanan became better recognized across the nation for her roles in the media, appearing regularly as a commentator for programs onContinue Reading

On Oct. 5, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum awarded Concordia College alum and former U.S. secret service agent Clint Hill with the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award, the state’s highest accolade for its citizens. The award honors present and former North Dakotans who have made great achievements in their fields,Continue Reading