Concordia’s tuition for the 2010-11 academic year is $26,950. Just a few blocks away, Minnesota State University-Moorhead’s tuition for 2010-11 is $6,140. Looking around at the bustling, active campus, it’s easy to see that something still draws students to Concordia. In fact, most seniors at Concordia are satisfied with theirContinue Reading

Peering into the windows of someone’s home is the main focus of the new exhibit sponsored by the Introduction to Digital Photography class taught by Steve Rezac. The new photo exhibit, which will be pitch-black, is currently untitled. It will only be on display to the public during the nightContinue Reading

Riah Roe, a junior, went online to check his debit card balance in early October, wondering whether a paycheck had been added to his account. Instead of a paycheck, he found $1,200 missing and a recent purchase from Hat World. “And I didn’t even know what Hat World was,” RoeContinue Reading

In addition to traditional recruitment promotions like post cards and phone calls, prospective students can also receive information about Concordia from blogs written by current students employed by the Office of Communications and Marketing. The student experiences in the blogs show prospective students what life is like at Concordia, saidContinue Reading

A collaborative research project between the psychology and biology departments is seeking financial assistance from an atypical source: a carbonated soft drink giant. The research team of Susan Larson, associate professor of psychology and director of undergraduate research, Krystle Strand, assistant professor of biology, and seniors Amber Ferris and SadieContinue Reading