The Concordia mission statement has been embedded into the minds of Cobbers since their arrival on campus: becoming responsibly engaged in the world. Some Cobbers take this mission statement to heart. For Darrell Ehrlick, a 1998 graduate, becoming responsibly engaged in the world means pursuing something he has passion for:Continue Reading

Famous actors, film makers and an Academy Award-winning film are only a few of the many events drawing people to the Fargo Theatre for the eleventh annual Fargo Film Festival. The Fargo Film Festival kicked off on March 1, and will host its final events this weekend, March 4 andContinue Reading

Former Dean of Students Raymond Ou formally informed the campus of his resignation in a mass e-mail to the Concordia community on Dec. 14, and on Dec. 20, Bruce Vieweg was named the Interim Dean of Students. Ou gave his resignation notice to Provost Mark Krejci shortly before the campusContinue Reading

Children from a local child care center are the subject of this year’s Pay It Forward fundraiser. Pay It Forward started four years ago when State Bank gave each of their full-time employees $1000 to give to the organization of their choosing. One employee chose to give their share toContinue Reading

Refugees fleeing war-torn countries have a difficult time communicating and understanding differences in culture and daily life. Concordia students are engaging in service learning activities that help clarify simple activities like grocery shopping and going to the library. Communication Studies and Theater Arts Professor Hank Tkachuk’s Intercultural Communication course usesContinue Reading