The 40 Days for Life campaign, which started Sept. 22 and extends until Oct. 31, aims to pray and fast to end abortion. However, people in the community have varying beliefs on this national campaign. 40 Days for Life, which started in 2004, currently takes place in over 200 locationsContinue Reading

Homecoming 2010 is not a typical homecoming. Concordia favorites, like the bonfire, concert, and football game, are still a part of the tradition, but the Homecoming Committee has added or altered activities that highlight this year’s theme, “Cultivate, Celebrate, Cherish.” To cultivate new experiences, the Homecoming Committee created the “HomecomingContinue Reading

In light of the recent flood, Fargo and Moorhead have been rapidly working on plans for flood diversions for the cities, but the diversions themselves won’t be completed for another 10-12 years. This may seem like a long time, but from the Army Corps of Engineers’ perspective, it is incrediblyContinue Reading

Just over one week ago, FirstLink Volunteer Coordinator Sara Lepp sat at a computer in Sandbag Central, surrounded by card tables covered in clipboards, ballpoint pens, and loose sand. Lepp was ready to register sandbag volunteers, but there were only a few trickling in the doors of the City ofContinue Reading