Whether obligated or genuinely interested, Cobbers anxiously awaited the words of Dr. Juliet Schor as she took Memorial Auditorium’s stage with confidence Wednesday morning. In accordance to Concordia’s symposium theme of sustainability, Schor, Economics Professor at Boston College, spoke about the current state of the environment and how it willContinue Reading

Melanie Hoffert, a Concordia graduate, released her memoir “Prairie Silence” last year. On April 5, her book received the Minnesota Book Award for the Memoir and Creative Nonfiction category. Hoffert currently works for Teach for America, a nonprofit, but her book is still a prominent part of her life. WhatContinue Reading

Cobbers to thank lawmakers for grants; will lobby for more state funds Concordia students will travel to the Minnesota state capitol Thursday to thank legislators for Minnesota grants. In the past year, the state of Minnesota appropriated $50 million to Minnesota state grant funds. This money went to University ofContinue Reading

On June 9, adult and elderly refugees in Fargo-Moorhead will be offered an informal, conversational English program that caters to their specific needs, made possible by Concordia student Mackenzie Lindquist. Lindquist, a junior at Concordia, has tasked herself with this project after being awarded the Phillips Scholarship in her sophomoreContinue Reading

Conversations surrounding sustainability around campus are nothing new. However, sociology professor Andrew Lindner’s Political Sociology class has focused on a different spin of sustainability that nearly everyone is guilty of: having too much stuff. The class has just wrapped up their Too Much Stuff Week project, which included a clothingContinue Reading