Philosophy Colloquium addresses body image woes Students leaned forward in their desks, faces scrunched in deep thought. Professors scratched their head, then scribbled a note down as Dr. Michelle Lelwica, religion professor, talked about her research on how and why humans depict their bodies. Buck, her dog, sauntered around theContinue Reading

Moorhead Mayor plans to revive city for students Mayor Del Rae Williams plans to revive Moorhead by reconstructing the downtown area and the mall, getting college students more involved within the community. Williams was inaugurated this past January. She said one of the main reasons of why she ran wasContinue Reading

Whether obligated or genuinely interested, Cobbers anxiously awaited the words of Dr. Juliet Schor as she took Memorial Auditorium’s stage with confidence Wednesday morning. In accordance to Concordia’s symposium theme of sustainability, Schor, Economics Professor at Boston College, spoke about the current state of the environment and how it willContinue Reading

Melanie Hoffert, a Concordia graduate, released her memoir “Prairie Silence” last year. On April 5, her book received the Minnesota Book Award for the Memoir and Creative Nonfiction category. Hoffert currently works for Teach for America, a nonprofit, but her book is still a prominent part of her life. WhatContinue Reading