Sheldon Green, a senior writer and photographer in the Office of Communications and Marketing, will showcase some of his photographic work from Nov 12-Jan 24 in the Cyrus M. Running Gallery. Green started his job here at Concordia as a photographer 16 years ago by happenstance. His grade-school son wasContinue Reading

Concordia welcomed world-renowned historical Jesus expert John Dominic Crossan on Nov. 5. Crossan presented his seminar “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior,” sponsored by the CHARIS Ecumenical Center during the day. He presented “Jesus and the Roman Empire” in the evening, which was the annual Oen Fellowship lecture and coordinatedContinue Reading

The Moorhead Area Public Schools operating levy referendum did not pass in the school board special election Nov. 3. According to the District 152 website after the voting polls closed on election night, community members voted no 4,195 to 4,078 yes. Publications released by Independent School District 152 assert thatContinue Reading

Concordia’s School of Business is exploring the possibility of relocating from Old Main to Grant Center, consequently gaining the space needed for additional faculty and administrative staff to aid in implementing a new business curriculum. Grant Center is currently being examined by an architectural firm based out of Boston. GregContinue Reading

You might have noticed the hand sanitizers around campus. The nurses in the Kjos Health Center sure hope you have. In an effort to combat the flu this year, Concordia has purchased over $6,900 worth of sanitizer, said Mark Dixon, delivery/stockroom supervisor. With worries of H1N1 in place well beforeContinue Reading

The Coffee with Cobbers topic on Homecoming Friday was a follow-up discussion to the 2009 Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium topic: “Where is the We in an iWorld?” Students, faculty, staff and a multitude of alumni back on campus conversed about how technology has helped and hindered society. CoffeeContinue Reading