Last week’s iconic mid-week winter wasteland left many of us cuddled up with our partners, despite each professor’s hope that we spent all 48 hours studying only for their class. This doesn’t just refer to our socially assumed heterosexual cuddles. For countless students on campus, this meant their same-sex partners.Continue Reading

When Concordia picked “Gender Matters” as the topic for symposium and intended for the important messages to seep into people’s perspectives, I don’t think they could have predicted a full semester of nation-wide gender focus. The symposium landed shortly before the national “debate” with Brett Kavanaugh, setting people into spiralsContinue Reading

Look at you! You’ve had a terrific All Hallow’s Eve! You danced your heart out, or at least until you got too sweaty; you didn’t eat any candy, but you ate your roommate’s leftover mac and cheese and you barely got tricked except for that Chinese finger trap which tookContinue Reading