First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming is one of the most popular genres of gaming out there. Since its first manifestation in games like Doom and Quake, FPS games have remained a staple in the industry. But for new players, FPS games can be quite daunting to get into. The fastContinue Reading

Hey Cobbers! The beginning of the winter season is also the beginning of cuffing season. For those who don’t know, cuffing season is the time to find a partner. It’s the time when we are the loneliest and are most likely to be asked “Why don’t you have a boyfriendContinue Reading

Hey Cobbers! Guess what? We made it through our first few weeks of school. That’s a pretty impressive feat I also think it’s something to celebrate! Whether you’re a party person, a stay-at-home-with-my-cat person, or a get-a-nose-piercing-because-I-can person, there are a multitude of ways of celebrating the little things. ThisContinue Reading