Secrets of the stage

Once a week, I talk to you guys about fun things, or fabulous things, but this week I am going to talk to you about secret things. Things that most […]


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  • I can manage

    No student is a stranger to stressful workloads and tight deadlines; both seem to be well-established pillars of the “college experience.” Between classes, student organizations, internships, jobs and social lives, […]

  • Herman Cain’s Sudden Rise to the Top

    I’m shocked.  I woke up one day and saw that the man famous for being a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and repeatedly saying “nine-nine-nine” has made it to the […]

  • The Friend Draft

    “Katelyn, how do you know everyone?” “Katelyn it takes you an hour to do anything.” “Katelyn, seriously, you talk to everyone.” These things are all true. Freshman year I lived […]

  • The Things Worth Learning

    I like to say I’ve learned a lot in my time at Concordia. I truly have, though I suspect I’ve forgotten a lot as well. I can’t say for certain […]

  • Why Recycling Matters

    Like many of you, I went home for fall break. After getting everything wrapped up on campus, I loaded my car and made the 400-mile journey south to Nebraska. While […]

  • Cereal Aisle Adventures

    When I make my weekly grocery list, I generally do a good job of noting specific items, how many to buy and typically what my spending limit should be for […]

  • Desk Workers Unite!

    I want all of you out there to know about me, and this week I want to talk about being a desk worker in the happiest place on earth, Livedalen. […]

  • Why Occupy Fargo Matters

    You’ve seen them on the news: thousands of fed-up Americans gathering, first at Wall Street, and now all across the nation, united against corporate greed and corruption. A few weeks […]

  • Am I Addicted to Technology?

    I rely on technology every day. I use digital calendars and reminders to keep my life in order with my smartphone so they’re always close at hand. I stay engaged […]