This past weekend, I decided to run some errands. I needed really exciting things, like laundry detergent and deodorant. A simple task within itself, just life or death essentials. I made my list, checked it twice, and decided to head to the Fargo Target. Nothing against the Moorhead one, IContinue Reading

  Since its release in April 2010 the iPad has sold more than 15 million units worldwide, seen some serious hardware upgrades in its second generation and gobbled up more than 75 percent of tablet PC sales. Along with the iPhone, Apple has used the iPad to forever transform theContinue Reading

Starting into my second year as a pre-health professions student, and my third year at Concordia, I’ve learned several things, chief among them gaining the ability to refer to a group of people as Cobbers without breaking out laughing (Trust me, it’ll come). So Cobbers, let me tell you somethingContinue Reading

Hey kids, this is Katelyn, your neighborhood fabulous person who also happens to love all things Harry Potter. No joke. If there were a Harry Potters Anonymous, I would be all up in it. In fact, I secretly make comparisons between almost everyone I meet and who they would beContinue Reading

Life is a series of accepting things you never thought you would be old enough to face. Going to college, losing a loved one, becoming an aunt or a parent–these are events that we all know will happen in the distant future to the older, more mature versions of ourContinue Reading

We have a reputation. We’re the technology generation and depending on who you talk to, it may not be a good thing. Even here at Concordia, walking through campus can be lonely when your fellow travelers all have their noses buried in their smartphones. Likewise, breaks in mealtime conversation are,Continue Reading

10) Don’t lock yourself out of your room. Now, I was a freshman once, and I understand the fact that you’re not used to having keys every time you leave. However I also remember a girl getting locked out of her room in December of freshman year, which is enoughContinue Reading

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September. Time has blazed by. Campus has undergone the transition from the euphoria and optimistic overload of Orientation Week to a more somber academic reality. The clubs and icebreakers have come and gone, replaced with classes and homework.  Yesterday while unpacking myContinue Reading

I have a total of four piercings. That means four extra holes in my head that, according to my mother, “just should not be there.” But I love my piercings – even if some people think I am not hardcore enough, too hardcore, or somewhere in between. They all haveContinue Reading