This semester, consider giving your Concordia education a practical application through sustained service in the Fargo-Moorhead community. There are many organizations and entities in the area that could use the help of college students like us. You may already have a lot on your plate, but volunteering a couple hoursContinue Reading

Last year was a great year for tech. We got the iPad, a slew of new Android phones, Microsoft Kinect, and the first-ever availability of 3D technology to the general public. But soon all of that will be forgotten as new devices and technologies find their way into our hands.Continue Reading

Cell phones are capable of just about anything these days it seems. Instant E-mail and data, high-resolution cameras, video-streaming, Web surfing that’s close to a desktop browsing experience. And most of them are still capable of making phone calls too. If these standard features don’t do everything and more, there’sContinue Reading

For much of my college experience, I’ve been far too preoccupied with a very narrowly defined notion of “productivity.” My involvement in scheduled activities like work, school and tennis practice was productive; anything else was not. I felt guilty for every moment I spent not working on or at something.Continue Reading

It seems that all of Concordia is in the midst of construction and renovation lately. Knutson and Anderson saw their massive overhaul a couple years ago. The Jake is being re-done with artificial turf and new parking lots. The science complex of Jones and Ivers have just announced their plansContinue Reading

Many of us have learned to expect things from our friends and families as a demonstration of their love and appreciation for us, but why? How often are the material gifts we get things that we really need or even want? This holiday season, consider alternatives to traditional gift givingContinue Reading

I am thankful for Thanksgiving. Once every year, I get this chance to reflect on all that is good in my life. This year, my list is long. I am thankful for the computer I am using to type these words. I use my computer almost all day every day.Continue Reading

A recount? A recount?! For all the things we Minnesotans are able to get right, we can’t seem to be able to hold an election. Remember that eight-month ordeal we had to go through two years ago? Here it comes again. If you only heard of Minnesota from the news,Continue Reading

If you hadn’t yet known the theme of Concordia’s core curriculum, BREW week ought to have fixed that. Becoming responsibly engaged in the world. The phrase is in almost every course syllabus. Professors extol the concept. It is hard to go a week without being told to BREW, and yetContinue Reading