By the time this article takes to light, the 2010 elections will have come and gone. It doesn’t always help to speculate about the future, but I’ll wager to future-me that the Republican party will retake Congress, and that a handful of Tea Party candidates will be represented among theContinue Reading

Over the past few weeks, a sense of excitement has grown in the nation’s capital. On the metro, at work, in classes: everyone I talked to had a single favorite topic of conversation. This building anticipation wasn’t limited to D.C. People around the country were being swept into the fever.Continue Reading

Three weeks ago, I wrote about why I don’t support the Tea Party. Among my reasons was that it is not inclusive to minorities. After reading Tyler Duggar’s “The Tea Party revisited” in last week’s Concordian, I am motivated to clarify a few points regarding the Tea Party and itsContinue Reading

It is easy to jump on a bandwagon that is already going full speed, but right now the Democratic Party is struggling through a mud patch. It needs people out on the ground pushing. The Republican Party, capitalizing on this country’s economic frustrations, has gained a tremendous amount of supportContinue Reading

It seems to me that education is having a pretty rough time grappling with technology. As I write this article, Moodle is down, and this morning my school e-mail didn’t work. On top of that, I just had my biology lab canceled because the license on the software expired andContinue Reading

Over the past few years, we have all heard claims that the lines between politics, news and entertainment are blurring. Commentators have speculated that people can no longer tell the difference between a news show about politics and an entertainment show about politics. Half news, half satiric commentary segments onContinue Reading

When I was young, spending a Saturday night with my dad was all about routine. First, we’d go to Peter Piper Pizza, which is probably the best pizza place in all of Arizona. It’s a kid-friendly restaurant full of video and arcade games—a place any five-year-old boy would love toContinue Reading

I don’t consider myself as much of a die-hard liberal as I used to be, especially during high school. This is not to say that I’m simply more moderate, but that I believe more in arguing subtly than loudly. I also believe in the virtues of arguing sanely. If you’reContinue Reading

I am writing this on September 11, 2010: nine years after the terrorist attacks that have come to define our generation. After 9/11, people in this country were angry, and understandably so. Back in 2001, the anger of some Americans was directed toward the wrong people. There was a lotContinue Reading