Editorial: The illusion of balance

Editorial: The illusion of balance

The United States has now gone a full week with a government shutdown in place. Federal offices are not functioning, government employees have been sent home from work and our […]


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  • Editorial: 50 shades of creepy

    Editorial: 50 shades of creepy

    The new Concordia Facebook phenomenon, Cobber Mingle, allows students to make anonymous posts about their romantic — and apparently even sexual — interests, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. From adorable little […]

  • Editorial: Dealing with media bias

    Editorial: Dealing with media bias

    Last week during layout, The Concordian staff discussed an argument between one of the editors and another student about the criticisms of modern day media. This brought up some of […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Concordian Editorial Board – Sustainability Sympoisum: Just a hand-waving?

    Last semester, the college issued a vision for sustainability, stating it “will embrace a concern for sustainability that is rooted in the responsibility to ensure the environmental, economic, and social […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.


    Earlier this month, I received an email from a student that expressed strong resentment toward a Blundergrads comic published in the Nov. 16 edition of The Concordian. That comic featured […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    The final countdown

    Next week’s election has been a long time coming, that’s for sure. For more than a year we’ve watched politicians parade past the grandstand of the American voting public. We’ve […]

  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    Major changes

    Welcome to October. By the time this prints if it hasn’t snowed yet the only reason is we’ve been lucky and the weather gods have spared us another week. Even […]

  • Mission accomplished?

    With the passing of Carl Bailey, the man behind Concordia’s mission statement, we are reminded of the impact Concordia’s mission statement has had on the college. We’ve heard it: “The […]

  • The free press, not a free pass

    The past two weeks have played host to freshman orientation, two speeches by interfaith leader Eboo Patel and a two-day symposium on international genocide. A brief glimpse through the pages […]

  • Editorial

    Editor’s note: Technically, I’m supposed to steer clear of first person in these editorials because they are meant to represent the opinion of the Publication. But it’s almost the end […]