Just one more step

It’s not an altogether uncommon occurance, but something about it stopped me in a new way the other day: I saw somebody throw a plastic bottle in the trash because […]


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  • Graphic by Ryan Bloom.

    Placing the blame

    Earlier this week, the local news affiliate WDAY covered a home invasion that occured in the house of five students who live near campus. The news report began thus: “A […]

  • The Concordia bubble and its newspaper

    Concordia is known for its bubble, an invisible shield that guards the campus from Dragons and bad news. I would like to propose a different definition for the bubble – […]

  • Academic Humility

    The phenomenon of students complaining about their schoolwork is probably older than the phenomenon of schools. It is practically a part of our genetic makeup. Luckily, the long arc of […]

  • Colleges and gun violence

    The weekend before finals, a murder/suicide occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech that left a campus police officer dead. Campus officials hunted for the killer while the school remained […]

  • Savor the season

    Whether it’s Christmas carols, well-known advertisements, or time-honored grumblings about losing the “reason for the season,” December is a time of refrains. Here’s just one to think about: “It’s a […]

  • Remembering rights

    On Tuesday Iceland announced that it voted to recognize Palestine as an independent state, making it the first Western European country to do so. If you follow international politics at […]

  • The weight of words, the weight of history

    Probably just by reading the title of this editorial, most people will already be able to guess what it will be about (“Oh, not another lecture about the importance of […]

  • Perry’s mistake

    No doubt you’ve all seen it by now. Rick Perry’s debate gaffe was comedic gold: a state governor hemming and hawing his way through a bullet point that was obviously […]

  • The Advantages of Civil Conversation

    This week, Concordia had the privelege of hosting two well-known political minds, Mary Matelin and James Carville, for an evening of debate and discussion. Of course, any “political awareness” event […]