In this week’s Student Government elections, two candidates listed SGA transparency as a platform goal. It’s easy to see why. Transparency is the new buzzword. We want to feel connected with where our money is being spent and whether those decisions are going to positively affect us. However, at Concordia,Continue Reading

It’s not an altogether uncommon occurance, but something about it stopped me in a new way the other day: I saw somebody throw a plastic bottle in the trash because the recycling bin was all the way across the Maize. And it wasn’t the moral outrage that stopped me (beingContinue Reading

Earlier this week, the local news affiliate WDAY covered a home invasion that occured in the house of five students who live near campus. The news report began thus: “A warning and a good reminder for all of us tonight from the Moorhead Police Department and Concordia College Security: MakeContinue Reading

The phenomenon of students complaining about their schoolwork is probably older than the phenomenon of schools. It is practically a part of our genetic makeup. Luckily, the long arc of time has allowed most of humanity to come to recognize the benefits of schoolwork— difficult schoolwork especially. It pushes usContinue Reading

The weekend before finals, a murder/suicide occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech that left a campus police officer dead. Campus officials hunted for the killer while the school remained in lock-down for nearly four hours before determining the second body was that of the shooter, a student at aContinue Reading

Whether it’s Christmas carols, well-known advertisements, or time-honored grumblings about losing the “reason for the season,” December is a time of refrains. Here’s just one to think about: “It’s a busy time of year.” In almost every corner of Western society, December tends to wind up as the time whenContinue Reading

On Tuesday Iceland announced that it voted to recognize Palestine as an independent state, making it the first Western European country to do so. If you follow international politics at all, it should come as no surprise to you that this is a major development. The issue of Palestinian statehoodContinue Reading

No doubt you’ve all seen it by now. Rick Perry’s debate gaffe was comedic gold: a state governor hemming and hawing his way through a bullet point that was obviously supposed to be a campaign touchstone but became a punch-line. Yet surprisingly little attention seems to have been directed atContinue Reading