Everybody’s chewing it

Everybody’s chewing it

Look around you, I bet you could spot at least five people chewing gum.


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  • The fight for Libya

    This far into 2011, nothing dominates the headlines quite like the happenings in the Middle East.

  • Hot MESSages: The “F” Word

    Hot MESSages: The “F” Word

    “I like pink. I like boys. I get excited over lipstick names – but I’m still a feminist”, says Laura Wadsworth

  • Apologetics as a response to the Faith for Life petition

    Recently, my attention was drawn to the Concordian because of an article regarding Faith for Life, a quarterly publication put out by Fargo Baptist Church.

  • Techie Talk: iPad Discussion 2.0

    Last week I wrote about how Concordia would be giving an iPad to every Concordia student next fall.

  • Just one way? I say nay

    Just one way? I say nay

    “Why do some people say that there is just one way?”

  • Editorial

    Going through the exit loan counseling process this week really put things into perspective for me: I’m a senior, and in a month I’ll be an independent career person.

  • Editorial

    The New York Times made an announcement last week that may change the face of journalism forever, with the potential to be the first step on the road to recovery… or perhaps ruin.

  • Techie Talk: Tech companies and Japan

    The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami have left much of Japan devastated. It’s been two weeks since the first earthquake hit the country, and coping with the unthinkable disaster is a daily struggle.

  • Better together

    Recently the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing on radicalization in the US Muslim Community. Nine and a half years have passed since the terrorist attacks that have come to define our generation.