This week the Concordian is introducing “Viewpoints,” a new feature where writers voice their collective opinions on a wide array of topics. Let us hear your voice, or submit an idea via @CCLendMeYourEar on Twitter or at the Concordia College Lend Me Your Ear Facebook page! This week’s head toContinue Reading

For years we’ve used Facebook to update our friends, families and “the hot chick we met at that one party” with anecdotes detailing the minutia of our day-to-day lives. Favorite movies, places to eat, quotes out of context (inspirational or otherwise) and relationship statuses all delivered separately can seem unimportantContinue Reading

Friday night, eight o’clock and I’m waiting for a show to start up that I will watch again. Hi Cobbers, here I am, a TV obsessed individual. When I was a kid TV was my babysitter. It was cheap, fun and all could be heard in every room in ourContinue Reading

Facebook never ceases to amaze me. No, I’m not talking about its distraction abilities, or wonderful applications like FarmVille. I’m talking about its connection potential. Facebook gives us a chance to reach out and connect with those we haven’t seen or heard from in years. Reconnecting can be both awesomeContinue Reading

Glory, glory, Man United! Football is in full swing. No, not that football, but the other football. You know, football, mate. (How about I call it soccer? Soccer is in full swing.) And I love it. I love the passion, the rivalries, the glory that comes with watching your clubContinue Reading