Photo by Beth Meemken. “Society’s Image,” a mixed media art piece by Kate Hammero.

Students showcase art

The Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition is now showcasing student art through the end of March in Concordia’s Cyrus M. Running Gallery. The showcase allows students to display their works […]


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  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Students to study South Korean printmaking

    Last month six Concordia students found out they will be embarking on a journey to South Korea with two art professors through a grant sponsored by the ASIANetwork organization. Susan […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Faculty members showcase art

    A variety of talent from the art department faculty is being showcased in the Cyrus M. Running Gallery until Feb. 17. The faculty shows off their own work every year, […]

  • Concordia grad inspires students

    Concordia grad inspires students

    Home, love and faith. Three small words that hold an infinite amount of meaning. Three small words that Melanie Hoffert explores at length in her intricately crafted nonfiction book “Prairie […]

  • Photo by Beth Meemken.

    Theatrophilia: Frivolities, Curiosities, and Confusions

    The current exhibit showcased in Concordia’s Cyrus M. Running Gallery is a must-see event. This exhibit, “Theatrophilia: Frivolities, Curiosities, and Confusions,” displays recent works by Concordia faculty member and Senior […]

  • Photo by Olivia Gear. Kaia Lunde brings smiles to people with uniquely decorated cards.

    Kaia Kards canvas campus

    Opening your mailbox and expecting to get nothing but another Campus Entertainment Commission event card, you are surprised to find a small hand-made card inside with the logo “Kaia Kards” […]

  • Painting by Michaela Chorn. Chorn expressed emotions in the paintings for this gallery.

    Cobbers on display

    The Stage at Island Park in Fargo, ND is hosting works from two Concordia students. Michaela Chorn, a senior this year, and Andrea Wagner, a Concordia alumna, both received the […]

  • Photo by Jamie Telander. Select photos from the gallery "Voices to Vision."

    Courage is forever

    “Voices to Vision” is a collection of art from genocide survivors from different parts of the world. The exhibit will be running in the Cyrus M. Running Gallery until September […]

  • Photo by Olivia Gear. The Cyrus M. Running Gallery is showcasing the work of senior art majors until May 6.

    Senior art majors show off their talent

    A combination of artistic talents and four years of academic guidance has once again culminated into the Senior Art Exhibition. From March 27 to May 6, 21 young professionals will […]

  • Photo by Olivia Gear. These are some of the hats on display in the Hjemkomst Center for an exhibit entitled the "sheARTS Project: Art Hats for Breast CAncer Awareness" done by local artist and Stage IV cancer survivor Claudia Pratt. Photos accompany the exhibit to show the hats being worn.

    Local artist promotes cancer talk through hats

    In rare times, out of pain and adversity, beauty is created.  Local artist and Stage IV cancer survivor Claudia Pratt is currently in the process of showing off the artwork […]