From the belltower superstition to the applause in Anderson Commons after an exit through the emergency doors, Concordia is full of traditions–but none so shiny as the tradition of the Cobber ring. The Cobber ring represents Concordia and offers connections around the world. But due to its steep price, manyContinue Reading

Concordia Theatre’s first mainstage production of the year reforms the way history is told through a comical interpretation of the lives of Martin Luther, Doctor John Faustus, and Prince Hamlet. “Wittenberg,” written by David Davalos, tells the story of these three unrelated historical and fictional figures meeting for the firstContinue Reading

Maroon and gold are everywhere on Concordia’s campus, from the lampposts to the Knutson Campus Center, oncurrent Cobbers and alumni. Even the trees have shifted their color to the vibrant reds and golds of autumn. This can only mean one thing: Homecoming Week. Every year, campus population surges in sizeContinue Reading