Plate waste observations elicits strong reactions

Plate waste observations elicits strong reactions

The upstairs dish room in Anderson Commons hums with the sound of running water and machinery. Three student workers stand in front of two clear plastic bins that are filling […]


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  • FM brewery aims to keep brand local

    FM brewery aims to keep brand local

    If small-batch brewing is called micro-brewing, Junkyard Brewing Company considers itself a “nano-brewery.” Last year, Brothers Aaron and Dan Juhnke plunged into the micro-brewing business in hopes of bringing excellent […]

  • Cobber coffee shop culture

    Cobber coffee shop culture

    Local coffee shops provide the ambiance, socializing and caffeine that Cobbers long for, according to Senior Brittany Schwingler, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. For sleep-deprived college students, it is no surprise […]

  • Fargo restaurant features ‘unique atmosphere’

    Fargo restaurant features ‘unique atmosphere’

    The Boiler Room, a new restaurant in downtown Fargo, offers Concordia students and the Fargo-Moorhead area unique and casual dining. Originally an actual boiler room, exposed brick walls and gear […]

  • Experiencing a London pub

    Experiencing a London pub

    In London, pubs for the British are the equivalent of coffee shops for Americans. Each has its own personality, and the doors are open for anyone who wants to relax […]

  • The Korn Krib before its most recent remodel. Mystery surrounds the origins of the convenience store’s name. Submitted photo.

    Korn Krib has a complicated history

      The Korn Krib’s name is spelled with Ks instead of Cs. Unlike other on-campus dining and retail establishments, the Korn Krib’s name is deliberately misspelled. The initial reason for […]

  • Sweeto Burrito: A twist on fast-food

    Sweeto Burrito: A twist on fast-food

    “Have you been here before?” When you step into 117 Broadway in Fargo, you are greeted by a cashier behind a counter who asks if you have ever visited Sweeto […]

  • Living a gluten-free lifestyle

    Living a gluten-free lifestyle

    Students share their struggle with gluten For many students on campus, a world of discomfort lurks around every gluten-containing corner. Junior Jadi Prante and senior Colin Sullivan are part of […]

  • Photo by Morgan Schleif.

    Maize fries: Behind the scenes

    A list of Concordia campus mainstays — the bell tower, the Concordia Choir, Kernel Cobb — is not complete without the inclusion of Maize fries. According to junior Katie Ahlstrom, […]

  • Rose spent a three-month long mission trip volunteering at a clinic in San Lorenzo, Ecuador. Submitted photo.

    Student starts hunger awareness campaign

    In the small pre-screening room of the medical clinic in San Lorenzo, Ecuador, Mike Rose and his new friend, Gonzalo, sat patiently waiting for their daily snack to be ready. […]