Nearly 25 lb striker falls 80 ft from top of tower to ground Never in the history of Verdin, a bell manufacturer, has this ever happened. On Sunday, Sept. 22, Concordia’s bell tower stopped ringing as the main bell’s striker flew from the top of the tower onto the brickContinue Reading

Roberts hopes to increase focus on international and interdisciplinary options In the intense debate that will likely crop up over which of Concordia’s two coffee shops is best, John Roberts, the new chair of the college’s music department, might side with the newly opened, Starbucks-serving The BREW in the OffuttContinue Reading

Concordia’s large spring concert, Oratorio, was especially unique this year. Usually, professional soloists are featured, but for the first time in years, the concert of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana was performed entirely by students. Rene Clausen, who conducted the Concordia Orchestra and the 350 member Oratorio choir, explained the basicContinue Reading

The following article was published to on Sunday, Oct. 21 2012 by contributing writer Andreas Rekdal. Concordian Reviews is a blog that provides Cobbers with the opportunity to have their work published and read by fellow students in an easy-going forum. Check it out for reviews of everything fromContinue Reading