Photo by Rachel Webster

Rough and tumble: Sociology prof and derby girl Natalie Peluso

Natalie Peluso is a vegan Derby Girl with tattoos and piercings.


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  • Where is that music coming from?

    Concordia is a music school; there is no doubt about that. One-sixth of the student body participates in the Christmas Concert alone.

  • ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

    Same old show, without the good parts

  • A taste of the “real thing”

    Student artists enter juried art show

  • Oscar Buzz: Worth it?

    Oscar Buzz: Worth it?

    They’ve been talking about it for months. And by they, I mean the media, your hairdresser and that kid who never shuts up in your 8 a.m. class. CNN’s “Headline […]

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    Love it or hate it, the Oscars continue to be the single most defining cinematic awards show to date. The 83rd annual presentation was no different, with Anne Hathaway and […]

  • Speaker ‘unmasks Ex-Gay myth’

    Speaker ‘unmasks Ex-Gay myth’

    Wayne Besen was walking through a store with his parents when they saw a stand selling tapes with the sign “Gay and Unhappy?” “That’s you!” his parents said. “But I’m […]

  • And the ‘Beat’ Goes On

    And the ‘Beat’ Goes On

    A red-haired sophomore tapped his foot and nodded his head to grasp his rhythm. At a piano connected to recording equipment in a studio high above a band room in […]

  • Pops and Popcorn

    Pops and Popcorn

    The Concordia Symphonia and Orchestra filled Memorial Auditorium with music during the Pops and Popcorn Concert on Jan. 29. The music ensembles played familiar orchestral selections and surprised the audience […]

  • Photo by Hanna Stevens

    Flamenco Vivo

    Stepping into Memorial Auditorium the night of Jan. 26 was like stepping into a whole other country—Spain, to be specific. The Flamenco Vivo dancers from New York spun, stomped and […]