Students and faculty waited eagerly, grazing on a spread of snacks and soda, for the Concordia College Writer’s Festival event to begin. As the room settled, English professor and event coordinator Vincent Reusch began to speak. Reusch quickly put a rumor to rest regarding a free Corvette, a pony andContinue Reading

A new organization on campus is aiming to support students who have or are planning on studying abroad. Seniors Katie Randklev and Raquel Mondor recently formed the Student Association for Living and Studying Abroad (SALSA) as a support group and networking system for international and study abroad students. “I thinkContinue Reading

Article written by Jordan Elton and AJ Eckberg. Ten students will have the opportunity to be a president this fall in Concordia College theater department’s production of “44 Plays for 44 Presidents.” David Wintersteen, a communication studies and theater art faculty member, is directing the play. “The play…itself is quirky,Continue Reading

Kersti Pearson, a theater arts and English literature double major, is designing the costumes for “44 Plays for 44 Presidents” as her Senior thesis. “It’s pretty exciting and nerve-racking,” Pearson said as she described her first show as costume designer. The senior thesis is an accredited part of her theaterContinue Reading

“Voices to Vision” is a collection of art from genocide survivors from different parts of the world. The exhibit will be running in the Cyrus M. Running Gallery until September 16. For the exhibit, a team of artists created each piece from the memories and experiences of survivors. Each pieceContinue Reading

One of the most important facets of a Concordia College education is to train students to become responsibly engaged in the world. Cobbers are constantly being prepared to become global citizens politically, religiously and culturally. One thing that students can use to be become more globally aware is food. CobbersContinue Reading