In the summer of 2011, Concordia’s Emergency Response Team opted to have a second Code Blue emergency phone installed on the north side of campus near Park Region Hall. The first Code Blue emergency phone was installed in 2006 between 12th Avenue and Memorial Auditorium. Code Blue primarily provides emergencyContinue Reading

With many textbook and Moodle assignments throughout the week, Concordia students often complain about not having ample time for leisure reading. During the semester it is nearly impossible to read something non-class related. Over the weekend some are able to start reading a novel, but it’s hard to complete by SundayContinue Reading

For students that do not have a car on campus, finding transportation is often a difficult task, filled with uncomfortable moments asking a close friend for a ride to Hornbacher’s to pick up some cereal, or to venture out to West Acres so you can exchange those ill-fitting new pairContinue Reading

  Photo by Rachel Torgerson. Dr. William Craft shows off one of his bookshelves, packed with books from various genres and authors. In some senses, walking into the office of Concordia’s President Dr. William Craft is just like walking into the office of any other administrator. The finely polished furnitureContinue Reading