Narrative 4 focus on the understanding of immigrants

Narrative 4 focus on the understanding of immigrants

Fargo, North Dakota, has more diversity than you might think, as it is home to both immigrants and Fargo-Moorhead natives. It is the hope of Dawn Duncan, English professor, to […]


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  • Bailey Hovland stands in front of the Tial Basin with the Jefferson Memorial in the background. Photo submitted by Bailey Hovland.

    Feminist student takes on internship in nation’s capital

    Spain, Greece, India, Norway and Tanzania are just a few of the places students can go to study away at Concordia College. However, instead of traveling outside of the country, […]

  • You-Know-Who is here to stay

    You-Know-Who is here to stay

    A comparison between Voldemort and Trump, the Ministry of Magic and government, and varying degrees of injustice SUBMITTED BY SUSAN FISER These days “You-Know-Who” can mean a number of different […]

  • Annual Cobber drag show

    Annual Cobber drag show

    BY EMMA KLITZKE AND KALEY SIEVERT Students dressed for the occasion and strut their stuff down the catwalk at the annual Concordia Drag show Saturday Feb. 10. According to Lindsay […]


    Understanding what it means to be a U.S. citizen

    Journalist David Brooks speaks at Concordia The United States of America is at a threshold moment; Americans are striving to discern what it means to be a citizen of this […]

  • Submitted.

    From Concordia to South Africa and back

    The journey of Jon Leiseth, Minister for Faith and Spirituality in Action Jon Leiseth’s first voyage into South African culture came not by plane or boat, but by the words […]

  • Bruce Vieweg announces retirement

    Bruce Vieweg announces retirement

    This May, Bruce Vieweg will ask that you excuse his intrusion to your day one last time. Vieweg, whose emails, bow ties and Monopoly Man moustache have become as symbolic […]

  • A changing community

    A changing community

    The scent of freshly baked cinnamon sticky buns wafted through the room above the heads of some of the greatest minds in Minnesota. Women and men gripped styrofoam cups filled […]

  • Ice sits pretty for the camera. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Featured: hall director pets

    A white dog on a leash walks around campus. He sniffs at the fallen leaves and greets students with a doggy smile as they come up and pet him. Some […]

  • Young Blood coffee shop brews more than just coffee

    Young Blood coffee shop brews more than just coffee

    White walls. White tables. White chairs. White bar. White mugs. White light. Vinyl of Rolling Stones plays, coffee machines whirr, conversations flutter. A family walks in, dad leading the way […]