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  • Foreign languages reorganized

    Foreign languages reorganized

    Across campus, Cobbers have been discussing the elimination of the computer science major that came as a result of recent cuts and restructuring to Concordia’s budget. However, few students are […]

  • SGA creates SPIF account for big ideas

    Access to money, especially by college students, is rarely able to match the lofty ideas people may have. The Special Projects and Initiative Fund launched on Jan. 3 by SGA […]

  • Krejci responds to CS students

    Minutes before Provost Mark Krejci arrived, the room was buzzing with frustration and concern. Students were sitting at tables, in windowsills, on the floor, and bringing in extra chairs so […]

  • Tuition rises 8 percent

    Tuition at Concordia College will increase $2,200 to $29,150 next year. Provost Mark Krejci said the 8 percent increase is due to a smaller freshman class and an ongoing recovery […]

  • Youth in politics

    As a child of the ‘90s, I have grown up in an era where youth involvement in politics has been hard to find. My childhood was split between two countries, […]

  • Further Revolution in the Middle East

    Egypt. Libya. Yemen. Oman. Bahrain. Tunisia. Iran. Iraq. As revolution and rebellion ripples through the Middle East, it’s important that we learn quickly and keep our minds open. In conflict […]

  • March 3, 2011

    We are kicking off March with another great episode of Concordia On-Air.  This week, Brittany and Renee let us know about Concordia’s new presidential candidate.  Toni keeps it cool in weather.  March Madness starts with Yaw and Katie.  Final…

  • February 16, 2011

    On this episode of Concordia On-Air, we find out the recent SGA election results. Toni says things are heating up just in time for spring break. Yaw tells us about the Cobber double 1000. Finally in A & E, we are heading to Oslo!

  • Photo from

    In defense of freedom

    Last week, Mark Besonen acknowledged that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s regime is a dictatorship. Despite this, he argued that the United States’ government should be cautious about supporting the Egyptian […]

  • Hitting for a Cause

    Hitting for a Cause

    Prexy’s Pond was uncovered on Sunday for the first annual boot hockey tournament, hosted by the cobber women’s hockey team. The tournament, which pitted teams of 4-6 people against each […]