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  • The Difficulty Debate

    Starting into my second year as a pre-health professions student, and my third year at Concordia, I’ve learned several things, chief among them gaining the ability to refer to a […]

  • Potter Proud

    Hey kids, this is Katelyn, your neighborhood fabulous person who also happens to love all things Harry Potter. No joke. If there were a Harry Potters Anonymous, I would be […]

  • Wondering As I Wonder…

    Life is a series of accepting things you never thought you would be old enough to face. Going to college, losing a loved one, becoming an aunt or a parent–these […]

  • Bobby’s NFL Predictions

    I’m late; I’m late for a very important date. The opening week of the National Football League has come and gone, and I haven’t screamed my all-important predictions to the […]

  • New student enrollment up

    New student enrollment up

    The Concordia College campus is full of more new faces than last year. Scott Ellingson, director of enrollment, said enrollment numbers have improved in two major areas. The number of […]

  • Photo by Ryan McCaughtry. Nathan Rodenberg and Russell Wustenberg, the captains of the two Quidditch teams on campus, show off their brooms and table at the Cobber Expo.

    Diving into the Cobber Expo experience

      The Cobber Expo, to inform students about clubs and organizations on campus, was Saturday, Sept. 10 from 5-7 p.m. This year, over 100 of Concordia’s organizations were present at […]

  • Submitted Photo. Cølum McCann, author of "Zoli," commenced the Symposium with his address "Making the Darkness Visible: The Necessity of Optimism."

    McCann returns to campus

    Cølum McCann, author of the summer book read, “Zoli,” encouraged students in a packed Memorial Auditorium Tuesday to reconsider the power of art. It has the possibility, he said during […]

  • Photo Illustration by Rachel Torgerson. Want to save more money? Check out some tips about restaurants and coffee shops in this week's paper.

    Money saving tips for college students

      For Cobbers that are feeling their pockets pinched these days, one great way to save money is by knowing all the cheap food and drink places the Fargo-Moorhead area […]

  • Editorial

    On Tuesday, author Colum McCann opened Concordia’s 25th Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium with a plenary session about the necessity of optimism in art. Among other things, he spoke […]

  • The humanity of technology

    We have a reputation. We’re the technology generation and depending on who you talk to, it may not be a good thing. Even here at Concordia, walking through campus can […]