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  • Photo by Ryan McCaughtry. Levi Bachmeier (left) hands an Ethernet cable to Carly Grandner at the East Complex desk. Residence Life and ITS purchased cables for on campus residents to less the burden on the wireless connection.

    Ethernet Cables on Campus

    The college recently purchased Ethernet cables for students living on campus to improve Internet connection quality. According to Jasi O’Connor, director of residence life, between 200 and 300 Ethernet cables […]

  • The Sky is the Limit

    A hesitant voice crackles through the speaker of the Fargo Jet Center. “Fargo tower this is Cessna-N10897 at runway two seven, ready for takeoff.” “Clear.” Freshman Grace Lenhart gives the […]

  • Dueling Couple to Visit Campus

    Nationally recognized as one of the country’s most famous warring couples, James Carville and Mary Matalin are coming to duke it out at 7 p.m. on Oct. 31 in the […]

  • Photo by Ryan McCaughtry. Senior Pat Deitz remains a model play for the golf team.

    Deitz Leads the Way

    To have star-power as a stellar athlete, one must have the passion, the dedication, the attitude, some considerable talent, and a competitive nature to soar above the skills of others. […]

  • Bobby’s Sports Banter

    Bobby’s Sports Banter

    Ah, that American classic, the World Series. This year, it’s the Texas Rangers’ championship to win or lose. Sure, the Cardinals can be competitive, but can they do so for […]

  • Prairie Churches Exhibit Portrays History

    Historic and sacred, the Prairie Church exhibit of Preservation North Dakota is hosted by North Dakota State University. This free exhibit was put on display Oct. 6 and will remain […]

  • Medical Hardships Give Students Options

    Serious injuries are an all too common occurrence in collegiate athletics. For the unlucky athletes who suffer from these type of setbacks, there is a way to gain back a […]

  • Take a Break – It Will Be OK.

        I typically try to refrain from writing editorials in first person, but this week I was reminded of some sage advice I received earlier this year and it […]

  • Cereal Aisle Adventures

    When I make my weekly grocery list, I generally do a good job of noting specific items, how many to buy and typically what my spending limit should be for […]

  • Desk Workers Unite!

    I want all of you out there to know about me, and this week I want to talk about being a desk worker in the happiest place on earth, Livedalen. […]