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  • Bicycle lot to replace unneeded Fjelstad lot

    Editor’s note:This article was published as part of an April Fool’s Edition of The Concordian Two of the most recurring complaints by Concordia students and faculty are that there is not […]

  • Concordia On-Air March 24, 2010

    On today’s show we bring you a twist, reporting on the stories that usually go unreported or covered up, such as Squirrel Attacks in News, Ferret Legging in Sports, and in Entertainment we find out if Michael Jackson is still among us. We explore…

  • Chocolate Man gets extreme makeover

    Editor’s note:This article was published as part of an April Fool’s Edition of The Concordian In a controversial decision on Monday, Concordia’s Campus Color Palette Committee decided to paint the statue […]

  • Concordia On-Air March 17, 2010

    In this weeks show we discuss the big event in the Fargo-Moorhead area, the Flood. In News Tracy and Brittany let us know how Concordia students have been helping, as well as the various things that both Fargo and Moorhead have done to prepare for the …

  • Oh, how times have changed

    Concordia students today are familiar with rules about alcohol on campus, intervisitation, and where they can park. What many may not realize is that Cobbers of the past had many […]

  • Here we go again: Flood 2010

    Just over one week ago, FirstLink Volunteer Coordinator Sara Lepp sat at a computer in Sandbag Central, surrounded by card tables covered in clipboards, ballpoint pens, and loose sand. Lepp […]

  • Concordia On-Air March 10, 2010

  • Putting students first

    The entrée at Comfort on a Thursday morning in February is Lutheran Hotdish—not a favorite but well-liked enough that it shows up in the menu every four or five weeks. […]

  • Hip Hop Summit defies labels

    The Hip Hop Summit is a day-long, interactive event at Concordia that teaches attendees about the elements of hip hop. This year’s summit will be held on Mar. 6 and […]

  • Moorhead public schools prepare for delay in state funds

    Go to Ellen Hopkins Elementary in Moorhead, Minn. Walk through the main doors, take a right and head down the hall. Stop at room 160, marked with a nameplate reading […]