You know who you are. You spend hours working on your computer without giving it a break. You have an unlimited text messaging plan on your phone and you’ve used T9 so much the letters on your keys have worn off. You treat your tech with disrespect and are mostlyContinue Reading

It’s that time of the school year where, for the second time, you begin to take stock of which of your teachers has the most strict attendance policy, and figuring out how many you can miss before your grade takes an immediate turn for the worse. It’s that time ofContinue Reading

The 2011 Mr. Concordia was crowned at the ceremony which also served as a show in the Centrum on Jan. 22. Contestants in this pageant were judged by answers to two interview questions, their performance of a unique talent and their exhibition of Cobber spirit. Sophomores Aubrey Stromberg and AshleyContinue Reading

Two-and-a-half year old Jason had just received a liver transplant. He had also just received a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Dakota. “He could only speak three words. One was mom, one was dad, and one was SpongeBob,” Aj Swenson, senior and Make-A-Wish Foundation intern, said. “Even aContinue Reading

Underpants will be a common sight at Theatre B during the month of February as they present “The Underpants,” a farce written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by Steve Martin. During opening weekend Feb. 3-6, students who wear underwear over their clothing will get two tickets for the price ofContinue Reading

Andrew Wiens, a senior, and Brie Petrich, a 2010 alumna, have been described as “The Parents,” “The Grandparents,” and “The Old Couple” by their friends and those the couple have hosted. Wiens and Petrich act older than they are: taking care of those who do not outwardly ask for help,Continue Reading

The first half of the Cobber-Ole basketball game is coming to a close as the players rush off the court and head for the locker rooms. Taking their place is the half-time entertainment: the Cobber Dance Team accompanied by their special guests, the Men of East. The group shakes andContinue Reading

Room 541 in Brown Hall is not your typical quad-style Concordia dorm room. Traditionally, each quad in Brown is equipped with a desk, chair, bed and wardrobe for each of the four residents. But the residents of room 541 added something extra to that list: a ball pit. Roommates AnthonyContinue Reading