This week on Concordia On-Air, Renee and Suzanne give us a tuition update.  Toni tells us about some upcoming rain showers.  In sports, Katie and Yaw help you fill out your March Madness brackets.  And we get Constructed in Arts & Entertainment …

The Concordia mission statement has been embedded into the minds of Cobbers since their arrival on campus: becoming responsibly engaged in the world. Some Cobbers take this mission statement to heart. For Darrell Ehrlick, a 1998 graduate, becoming responsibly engaged in the world means pursuing something he has passion for:Continue Reading

They’ve been talking about it for months. And by they, I mean the media, your hairdresser and that kid who never shuts up in your 8 a.m. class. CNN’s “Headline News” previewed the types of dresses the starlets would wear. Lots of bright, poppy color, they speculated. In early February,Continue Reading

Love it or hate it, the Oscars continue to be the single most defining cinematic awards show to date. The 83rd annual presentation was no different, with Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosing last Sunday’s event. Here follows a simple list of the primary nominees and winners (with some mildContinue Reading

The Black Student Union, a group three months in the making, was started by sophomore Robin Wisner because he believes it is something that was missing on Concordia’s campus. “There are similar organizations across the nation,” Wisner said. “It’s time for Concordia to catch up.” An interest meeting was heldContinue Reading

Famous actors, film makers and an Academy Award-winning film are only a few of the many events drawing people to the Fargo Theatre for the eleventh annual Fargo Film Festival. The Fargo Film Festival kicked off on March 1, and will host its final events this weekend, March 4 andContinue Reading

Across campus, Cobbers have been discussing the elimination of the computer science major that came as a result of recent cuts and restructuring to Concordia’s budget. However, few students are aware of some of the other implications of the cuts, one being the elimination of several faculty positions. Among theContinue Reading