On Tuesday, author Colum McCann opened Concordia’s 25th Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium with a plenary session about the necessity of optimism in art. Among other things, he spoke about the importance of being in touch with the reality of what is going on around us: “It helps toContinue Reading

We have a reputation. We’re the technology generation and depending on who you talk to, it may not be a good thing. Even here at Concordia, walking through campus can be lonely when your fellow travelers all have their noses buried in their smartphones. Likewise, breaks in mealtime conversation are,Continue Reading

10) Don’t lock yourself out of your room. Now, I was a freshman once, and I understand the fact that you’re not used to having keys every time you leave. However I also remember a girl getting locked out of her room in December of freshman year, which is enoughContinue Reading

We recently came upon the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, a day that has defined our generation in ways that we are still realizing. But how has it defined us? That day, each of us heard the news and reacted in our own private way, but as a generationContinue Reading

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September. Time has blazed by. Campus has undergone the transition from the euphoria and optimistic overload of Orientation Week to a more somber academic reality. The clubs and icebreakers have come and gone, replaced with classes and homework.  Yesterday while unpacking myContinue Reading

For students that do not have a car on campus, finding transportation is often a difficult task, filled with uncomfortable moments asking a close friend for a ride to Hornbacher’s to pick up some cereal, or to venture out to West Acres so you can exchange those ill-fitting new pairContinue Reading

  Photo by Rachel Torgerson. Dr. William Craft shows off one of his bookshelves, packed with books from various genres and authors. In some senses, walking into the office of Concordia’s President Dr. William Craft is just like walking into the office of any other administrator. The finely polished furnitureContinue Reading

  Concordia College’s very first interfaith panel was hosted last Tuesday, giving six young women the opportunity to share their faith and their culture. Organized by senior Elise Tweten and moderated by Lisa Twomey, an assistant professor in the Spanish Department, the panel consisted of six female students from bothContinue Reading

Ah, the beginning of another beautiful year in Cobberville, U.S.A. Freshmen are frolicking about campus clutching beanies and books with eyes wide in something between fear and felicity. Upperclassmen have returned in anticipation, leaving the long summer months behind them and looking forward to… well, they probably haven’t decided thatContinue Reading