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  • 163 trees used each year in printing

    163 trees used each year in printing

    How Uniprint is striving to lower those numbers What do health education, nursing, and music theory composition majors have in common? Last year, they printed over 900 sheets of paper […]

  • The men’s basketball team prepares for a season with shorter shot clocks. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Rule changes affect men’s, women’s basketball strategy

    The men’s and women’s Cobber basketball teams are both looking to build off their MIAC playoff appearances in 2015 as they prepare for the upcoming season. The men’s team will […]

  • Ryan Modahl (left) and Patrick McGuire (right) lead the Catholic Cobbers in conversation following a Sunday morning mass. Photo by Maddie Malat.

    Religious club receives $100,000 grant

    Everyone has fantasized about what they would do if they ever received a large amount of money. For the Catholic Cobbers, that fantasy is becoming a reality. The Catholic Cobbers, […]

  • Thursday nights at Mick’s Office

    Thursday nights at Mick’s Office

    Older Cobbers bond over a well-established tradition If you searched through the kitchen cupboards of many Concordia students, it is likely that you would find an array of colorful plastic […]

  • Shots from the men’s hockey team as they played St. John’s in Jan. of last year. Photo submitted by the Concordia Sports Information Office.

    Men’s hockey team sets goal of MIAC championship

    Campus is covered with an array of auburn and gold leaves as the temperatures continue to decline. With the end of fall and winter soon approaching, that can only mean […]

  • Op-Ed: Cobbers and entitlement

    Op-Ed: Cobbers and entitlement

    In the wake of the annual Cobber Ring Rollout, in which Concordia students celebrate spending money on jewelry, I have had several encounters where people told me they purchased their […]

  • Humans of Concordia

    Humans of Concordia

    I like my comfort zone, because it’s like a safety blanket, protecting me from judgment for the things I do. A lot of my mannerisms are really weird and out […]

  • Whitney Beamer (9), Tedi Ramberg (14) and Jena Klaphake (3) celebrate after a win against St. Thomas on Oct. 28 to propel them into the MIAC playoff game against St. Mary’s University. Photo submitted by the Concordia Sports Information Office

    Women’s volleyball season finishes fifth in the MIAC

    While the autumn colors begin changing to bare trees and soon-to-be snow, Cobber nation starts to say its goodbyes to the 2015 fall sports. One goodbye that came too soon […]

  • OP-Ed: On the value of a ring

    OP-Ed: On the value of a ring

    Disclaimer: I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you got a Cobber ring. I promise, I’m not. “Why don’t you have a Cobber ring?” It’s not a question I […]

  • Brent Johnson, assistant director of campus life for student engagement, decorates a mug for the Empty Mug campaign. Photo by Reilly Myklebust.

    Homelessness comes to campus

    Concordia will host a new awareness week Students can share a meal that highlights the discrepancy between different financial situations, hear from community members working closely with the issue of […]