Adapted from Peter Guilter’s Tony-nominated play “End of the Rainbow,” “Judy” documents the last chapter in the life of legendary entertainer Judy Garland. Falling on financial hardships, Garland accepts a 5-week stint at a London nightclub where she is back in the spotlight and coming to terms with her innerContinue Reading

First Person Shooter (FPS) gaming is one of the most popular genres of gaming out there. Since its first manifestation in games like Doom and Quake, FPS games have remained a staple in the industry. But for new players, FPS games can be quite daunting to get into. The fastContinue Reading

Comic book movies have taken Hollywood by storm over the last decade, having gone from being considered fringe and nerdy to being nominated for Best Picture at last year’s Academy Awards (“Black Panther”). This success has sparked filmmakers to get more creative with comic book movies and branch out. JustContinue Reading