Rigid policies are in place, but how do professors actually deal with it? A survey of over 63,700 college students conducted by Rutgers University found that 38 percent of college students admit to “copying a few sentences from a writ- ten source without citing it,” and 7 percent admit toContinue Reading

The sprucing up of the new Jones and Ivers buildings has not yet begun, but the adjustments to accommodate the construction have been unpleasant for some students and faculty. Construction begins after Thanksgiving break, which means science professors must be finished with typical full-semester labs within Jones and Ivers byContinue Reading

Ashley Gilles understood the irony of her dinner choice on April 1, 2012. All she wanted was a burger and beer, and a reason to take her mind off of 6 p.m. So she and her roommates drove to Smash Burger. That’s healthy, Ashley thought; while waiting to hear aboutContinue Reading

On Sunday April 15th, the lights go down in the Fargo Theatre; the audience, comprised of Concordia students, family and community members, excitedly waits to view the short films created by the students of the English Film and Literature Capstone course. The course, which includes students from many majors includingContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Hannah Tower, Nutrition Assistant for Dining Services at Concordia College. Finals are one of the most stressful times of the year for college students, and it is important to remember not to throw all your healthy habits out the window. It isContinue Reading

This Letter to the Editors was submitted by Brandon King, a senior at Concordia College. During my first two years of life at this institution, I was a “good” student. I followed the rules. The rules that tell us it is “right” to attend all of our classes. The rulesContinue Reading

Faculty Senate approved a change in the course catalogue Monday that now mandates that a minimum of 50 percent of a student’s major requirements be Concordia coursework. The motion carried unanimously. Previously, according to the proposal by the curriculum committee, Concordia’s policy required students to earn at least 28 semesterContinue Reading