Though many Cobbers imagine vast distances between themselves and their futures, Handshake, Concordia’s replacement for Career Link, hopes to bring them within arm’s reach of careers. Since the Jan. 4 launch of the Career Center’s new job seeking web service, Sara Johnson, Concordia’s employer and alumni relations manager, said the siteContinue Reading

Compelled to aid students with their career development on a larger scale, the Career Center has hired new professionals who have specialities within academic divisions, and has developed new initiatives to incorporate itself into the Concordia community to be a more accessible resource for students and faculty. By developing closerContinue Reading

As many Concordia students already know, the Concordia College Career Center is a useful resource for current students seeking assistance when it comes to finding on-campus and off-campus employment. The Career Center, located in Academy 101, offers a diverse number workshops throughout the year that assist students with resume writing,Continue Reading