Megan Shelden poses in front of the University she studied at in Chongqing China. Summited by Megan Shelden.

A Cobber adventure story

Megan Shelden shares her study abroad experience When deciding on a college, most teenagers focus on factors like tuition, available majors, and graduation rates. When Megan Shelden selected Concordia, she […]


More in China

  • Symposium boasts record student involvement

    Symposium boasts record student involvement

    Students across a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds worked together to offer diversity and depth to the 2015 Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium, “China Rising: A New Global […]

  • Symposiums to focus on China, Middle East

    Symposiums to focus on China, Middle East

    Concordia will bounce around the globe in future symposiums. The Concordia community will learn how our region plays a significant role with the rest of the world in the upcoming […]

  • Calming North Korea

    Calming North Korea

    Threats of war from North Korea are nothing new. The Stalinist country has long played the part of the town drunk that’s been kicked out of the bar and now […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Talking about China

    This past week, with the very generous assistance of the political science and global studies departments, I was very fortunate to attend the 54th Academy Assembly of the U.S. Air […]

  • Graphic by Emilie Bowman.

    Modern Powers

    As the Cold War wound down over twenty years ago, it became fashionable among some intellectual circles in the West to suggest that the ideological struggles of the 20th century […]

  • Power politics in the 21st century

    The Cold War was probably the most high-stakes and globally encompassing theatre of Great Power struggle the world has ever known. Never before had two states of such immense power […]

  • Faculty return from China

    Zhuhai, China, is situated on the Pearl River delta, which runs through the Asian mainland. But its waterside tourist value isn’t what makes Zhuhai important to Concordia College. Zhuhai is […]

  • Photo submitted by Doug Anderson. High rises and skyscrapers line the coast of Zhuhai, China, the city that hosts the United International College. UIC partners with Minnesota private colleges to allow students to study in both countries.

    New agreement with Chinese university

    Concordia increased its ties to China through an educational agreement with a university in Chongquing, China. On Nov. 2, Provost Mark Krejci and Vice President of Enrollment Steve Schuetz met […]