Flat tire? No problem. Loose bolt? Easy fix. A bike shelter for COBBikes with a fix-it station for everybody’s use was installed outside of Knutson Campus Center this summer. The shelter was made to house the bicycles and to act as a landmark for where they are located. COBBikes isContinue Reading

After a grueling Winter, the CobBikes have finally returned to their rack, and they will stay there for the rest of the semester – rain, shine or even snow. Dr. Ken Foster, chair of Concordia’s Sustainability Council, and Kim Haley, a Sustainability intern, said they have some plans in mindContinue Reading

On November 20 and 21, the COBBikes will be stored away for the winter. Rest assured, they will return in the spring. The bikes will be stored in the restrooms in Jake Christiansen Stadium with other students’ bikes will be stored during the winter. Dr. Kenneth W. Foster, political scienceContinue Reading