Singer-Songwriter PJ draws inspiration from her own life experiences, other current artists, and Disney.

Writing from the heart: Singer-Songwriter PJ performs at Concordia

The bass drops and the crowd screams, eardrums and hearts vibrating with the beat. PJ comes out on stage. She crouches and waves her arms as her crisp, high voice […]


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  • A toast to Cord from a transfer

    A toast to Cord from a transfer

    As some or none of you may know, I am leaving Concordia next fall. I will be transferring to NDSU for a handful of reasons, but I will always be […]

  • Amid cuts, employees consider early retirement incentives

    Amid cuts, employees consider early retirement incentives

    On Feb. 12, decisions about further faculty cuts will be announced. One week after then, faculty who plan to participate in the Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program must turn in election […]

  • Budget plans, students absent

    Budget plans, students absent

    As administrators give details to faculty and staff, students left in the dark Faculty and staff streamed into the Centrum Wednesday afternoon with only one goal in mind: Find out […]

  • Thank you Concordia. For Everything.

    Thank you Concordia. For Everything.

    For the last four years I have flitted about in your Residence halls, shouted in Anderson Commons, nested in the Atrium, ate far too many Maize fries and purchased obscene […]

  • Mike Marth + ecce gallery

    Mike Marth + ecce gallery

    “I think of inspiration as a two-way channel. I think you have to start with an inspired mind and be positively charged and engaged in the environment around you. If […]

  • Sister Act

    So I wrote my first article and (giant shocker) it wasn’t about freshmen. Well here I am, a week late and ready to chat about freshmen. Can I tell you […]

  • The free press, not a free pass

    The past two weeks have played host to freshman orientation, two speeches by interfaith leader Eboo Patel and a two-day symposium on international genocide. A brief glimpse through the pages […]

  • Bussie to introduce Forum on Faith and Life to corporation

    Bussie to introduce Forum on Faith and Life to corporation

    This article was written by Jonathan Fondell, a Contributing Writer for The Concordian. President William Craft’s inauguration draws ever closer and, as it approaches, so approaches the arrival of the […]

  • Photo by Rachel Torgerson. The Higher Education Reauthorization Act is a federal law that impacts classroom hour and seat time requirements. Concordia is currently not meeting seat time requirements and changes will be made to correct this in the future.

    Seat time requirements subject to change

    It is 10:00 p.m. on a Monday, and a class of students files tiredly out of Bishop Whipple, completing their weekly class commitment. Though many leave the classroom sleepy, junior […]