“I think of inspiration as a two-way channel. I think you have to start with an inspired mind and be positively charged and engaged in the environment around you. If we pass through time with a receptive and alert attitude, everything becomes a possible external source of inspiration. Maybe thatContinue Reading

So I wrote my first article and (giant shocker) it wasn’t about freshmen. Well here I am, a week late and ready to chat about freshmen. Can I tell you guys something? I am a junior. I get to say things like “back in my day,” or, “oh my gosh…Continue Reading

This article was written by Jonathan Fondell, a Contributing Writer for The Concordian. President William Craft’s inauguration draws ever closer and, as it approaches, so approaches the arrival of the Concordia College Corporation, Concordia’s final legal authority. Slated for this governing body is a schedule that promises legal business asContinue Reading

Imagine the laundry machine texting you to let you know that your laundry is done. Just imagine being able to see from your laptop which machines are in use and which ones are not, gaining the ability to reserve a laundry machine without leaving your room. This service can easilyContinue Reading

I’m convinced that cars have personalities—not the cute, cartoonish ones seen in movies like “The Love Bug” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Rather, I think that they take on lives of their own in subtler ways. My old truck is proof of this phenomenon. It was my first vehicle, inheritedContinue Reading

Before Memorial Auditorium fills with seniors, families and friends to send graduates off into the world, the facility will be flooded with Cobbers new and old to welcome someone new. On April 28, President William Craft’s inauguration will be held in conjunction with Founders Day Weekend. “Inaugurations are a milestoneContinue Reading