A delightful surprise to some, and a terrifying, now-realistic fever dream to many others, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the U.S. Though he failed to earn the popular vote, the U.S. nonetheless voted for a man who, on the surface, embodies the populist ideals white, working-classContinue Reading

DAPL visibly opposed by Student Environmental Alliance “Water is life, water is life!” the college students shouted as they walked along 8th Street. They held their hand-painted cardboard signs high, expressing “We stand with Standing Rock,” “Oil is not sustainable,” “Protect water, protect life” and more. Passerbyers stopped and stared,Continue Reading

Skimming through the latest edition of the Concordia, I was pleasantly surprised at the thought provoking story about the Divest Concordia movement started by the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group on campus; however, as a continued to read the paper, I noticed an interesting, yet controversial opinion piece regarding theContinue Reading