Gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegan. These words appear more and more frequently on college campuses throughout the country, including Concordia. To accommodate students with dietary restrictions, Concordia’s Dining Services have made some big changes this year. Students like sophomore Hannah Wollenzien are among the rising number of students with restricted diets.Continue Reading

  The Korn Krib’s name is spelled with Ks instead of Cs. Unlike other on-campus dining and retail establishments, the Korn Krib’s name is deliberately misspelled. The initial reason for that misspelling appears to be mostly lost in Concordia College’s history. Based on information in Concordia’s Archives, the Korn KribContinue Reading

A list of Concordia campus mainstays — the bell tower, the Concordia Choir, Kernel Cobb — is not complete without the inclusion of Maize fries. According to junior Katie Ahlstrom, a Maize student manager, Maize fries are the most popular item at the Maize. Below are the results of someContinue Reading

Students and Dining services staff were evacuated during a peak traffic hours tonight when a fire alarm sounded in Knutson Campus Center just after 6:00 p.m. The Moorhead Fire Department responded. According to Dining Room Attendant Pat Matson, the cause of the alarm is as yet unknown. “All we knowContinue Reading

Let’s face it: we’re all busy. Countless research studies have shown that today’s students are more involved than ever. While the amount of classes and extracurricular activities have increased, the number of hours in a day has not. Although our days may seem longer, in fact it’s just the amountContinue Reading

When students bite into the Maize French fries or line up for Thanksgiving dinner, they’re probably not thinking of the quality, the sustainability or about the reputation of the provider. But these are just a few of the details that the Concordia College dining services see to when choosing aContinue Reading