Environmentalism is not a partisan issue

Environmentalism is not a partisan issue

The state of environmentalism in the United States, as well as abroad, has reached a crucial crossroads. For decades the political left has promoted, influenced and instituted positive policy in […]


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  • To BREW amid climate change

    To BREW amid climate change

    Happy end of the school year, Cobbers! Most of the articles I have written this year have tried to tackle the question of what good action towards becoming a sustainable […]

  • Ronald Offutt and Toxic Taters

    Ronald Offutt and Toxic Taters

    Do you like McDonald’s french fries? Do you like the Offutt School of Business? Do you like Minnesota farmers? I hope you answered yes to at least one of those […]

  • 50 Shades of Green

    50 Shades of Green

    The complexities of studying the environment Perplexing and thought-provoking, environmental studies is an intricate interdisciplinary subject, in which varies in methods and beliefs on how to tackle these sometimes daunting […]

  • Exploding the truth behind mountaintop removal

    Exploding the truth behind mountaintop removal

    Saving the Appalachian Mountains From the faucet a mucky sludge of toxin-filled water dispenses. No one can shower for extended periods of time, and water is only drunk from a […]

  • Photo by Jacob Amos.

    Technology: Dividing humanity from nature?

    Disconnection from our roots can lead individuals to become ecologically illiterate. We occupy, consume and ruin the soil beneath our feet. Concrete and technology have become our niche, and human […]

  • As Cobber Water is phased out, a new generic bottled water will take its place. It is available in the Korn Krib, the Maize and at the concessions stand. Photo by Chase Body.

    Cobber water phasing out

    Last year’s campaign to eliminate disposable water bottles on Concordia’s campus is beginning to show results. In response to students’ interest in sustainability, the President’s Sustainability Council collaborated with campus […]

  • Photo by Rachel Torgerson. Sustainability Coordinator Kristin Brethova began her job at Concordia on Jan. 23. She will act as point-person for all sustainability efforts on campus.

    Brethova synchronizes campus projects

    It was back in elementary school that Kristin Brethova, Concordia College’s new sustainability coordinator, became concerned about the environment. Her class watched a video about electricity and where it comes […]

  • Keystone politics

    Whenever gas prices skyrocket, Americans suddenly become interested in our country’s dependence on foreign fossil fuels. A dramatic price jump is enough to force families to reconsider their taking separate […]

  • Trip explores mountaintop removal issues

    Trip explores mountaintop removal issues

    When he saw the sign, he knew he couldn’t go in. Neon blue and fluorescent white lights hung in the front window of Jabo’s State of Mine, proclaiming the Hazard, […]